Sutter’s Mill All Over Again: The Univ. of California Discovers Gold in Online Ed

You will find some very humorous, although sometimes unintentionally so, quotes in the article about the University of California outlining an online learning program in the face of a fiscal crisis.

First there is the interesting observation from a University leader: “Somebody is going to figure out how to deliver online education for credit and for degrees in the quality sector—i.e., in the elite sector.” And I must hand it to Frank Mayadas for his rejoinder: “It’s like doing experiments to see if the car is really better than the horse in 1925, when everyone else is out there driving cars.”  Unfortunately, my quotes did not make the article, but I see some of my observations to the reporter did. I need better ghost writers!!

Kidding aside, I wish the University of California good luck in their endeavor.  Like the failed California Virtual University, I hope they don’t fall into the ‘not invented here’ trap and learn from the experience of others.

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Executive Director WCET (WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies)

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