Welcome to WCET’s New Frontiers Blog

It’s exciting that WCET is starting a new blog.

There is so much that is interesting that is going on in the distance, online, and hybrid learning spheres that we need more ability to share with each other.  In the average week, WCET staff have many conversations with thought-leaders and cutting-edge practitioners.  We’d like to share with you what we’ve learned as we learn it and we want your feedback.

From the blog, you can expect:

Old typewriter with Frontiers Blog on paper. Photo Credit: W.J. Gibson Flickr#:340663681

  • Policy Analysis. We’ll examine emerging e-learning policy issues as they are happening.  We’ll feature some of the analyses from our News Digest & Analysis mailings.  We’ll also feature issues from our Advocacy and WCET Focus Area Agendas.
  • Guest Blogs. We’ll invite other to comment on policies and practices that have an impact on members.  We’ll also point you to interviews from our new “Conversations with…” feature.
  • Buzz.  Heads-up pieces on trends that we are seeing and the “buzz” we are hearing.
  • Thinking-out-loud.  There are often ideas or issues that are not ready for full-blown articles, but we will want to throw out to our members to get your opinions.
  • Fun.  Sometimes we can’t resist sharing something that makes us laugh.

We look forward to sharing with you and hearing back from you.

Russ Poulin
Deputy Director, Research and Analysis
WCET Blogologist

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Executive Director WCET (WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies)

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