WCET & UPCEA Partner on State Authorization Survey-We Need Your Help

What are institutions doing about complying with state authorization regulations?

We get asked that question repeatedly.  Institutions want to know what others are doing to make sure they are not left behind.  State regulators are interested in knowing if they will receive even more inquiries and applications.  The press wants information that is less anecdotal and more fact-based.

While we have some guesses, the information is based upon conversations and hearsay.  With the original July 1 deadline for federal compliance upon us, let’s get better information.

State Authorization Survey

The University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) and the WICHE Coooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) have partnered to conduct research on what steps colleges have taken (or have not taken) to address this issue, including the following questions:Photo of hand checking survey answer

  • Describe your institution’s progress in addressing the state authorization regulation.
  • In how many states will you apply?
  • If you have not applied, why haven’t you or someone in your organization applied for approval in any state?
  • What are your estimated costs for your institution to comply?
  • From which states do you believe you will no longer accept students?
  • What concerns, comments or questions might you have about the process or what issues related to the new regulation do you think are most important to address?

We hope that by gathering this information, we can gauge progress and identify areas of confusion that still remain.

We Need Your Help – How Can You Participate?

If possible, we are interested in getting one response per institution.  The two organizations cross-checked their institutional membership lists and are sending out the surveys today (June 29) next week (July 5 or 6).  (We had an unexpected glitch and decided to wait until after the holiday weekend).

If your institution is not a member of WCET or UPCEA or if you would like to assure that your institution is included in the survey, please contact Jim Fong at jfong@upcea.edu or Megan Raymond at mraymond@wiche.edu.

We hope to have a quick turnaround on this survey and to announce the results in July.  Those completing the survey will get a full report on survey results.  A summary of results will be reported to members of both organizations and on this blog.

Thank you for helping.

Russ and Jim

Jim Fong
Director, Center for Research and Consulting
University Professional & Continuing Education Association

Russell Poulin
Deputy Director, Research & Analysis
WCET – WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies

State Approval page:   http://wcet.wiche.edu/advance/state-approval
Twitter:  @wcet_info      State Approval Hashtag: #stateapp

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