Journey with WCET into Badges & Game Based Learning

Today WCET is pleased to announce the kick-off of Who’s Got Class? Our new badge and game-based learning initiative.  This customized multi-player game provides our members and friends with the opportunity to explore the emerging, evolving world of badges and games while learning more about WCET programs and services and engaging in a light-hearted competition with WCET members and institutional teams.

Who's Got Class?Who’s Got Class? provides an authentic experience of badges and a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at what it takes to design and implement a badge project.  Best of all, players will have multiple opportunities to show their competitive spirit through game play and earning badges as you do.  Who’s Got Class?  is open to all WCET Institutional Members as well as WCET friends, although some badges are only open to WCET members.

Many thanks to Anne Derryberry who designed and produced this custom experience for us. Who’s Got Class? would not have been possible without the dedication and talent she has given to this project.  Anne is an independent designer/producer of game-based and social media-supported learning and communications systems and an industry analyst with Sage Road Solutions, LLC. During her fellowship at University of Missouri School of Journalism’s Reynolds Journalism Institute, Anne developed journalism news games as part of her ongoing quest to extend our understanding of engagement and motivation in learning and communication endeavors.

We also want to acknowledge and thank our technology partner, Learning Times – whose Badgestack platform provides the infrastructure for Who’s Got Class –  for their implementation and ongoing technical support.

WCET started our badge explorations several months ago thanks to John Bower and the team at uBoost, a WCET member organization. We want to thank John for sparking our interest in taking this journey.

Interested in joining the fun?  Please click on the blue link to request your log-in credentials from the Gamemaster.  Please include your name, title, institution and email address.

We hope you’ll join us on this adventure lending your insights through the game.  See you online!

Cali Morrison
Who’s Got Class? handle:  calimorrison

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