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Providing and supporting education today requires instructors and practitioners to be highly knowledgeable, flexible, and adaptable, and to have a whole toolbox full of technology and teaching related skills. This is especially true now that they are teaching or supporting teaching in remote, online, or blended environments.

These challenges are why I’m so thrilled about the Expert Network from Every Learner Everywhere. This Network provides on-demand coaching to faculty, course coordinators, instructional designers, and academic leaders. The expert coaches are well-versed in all aspects of digital learning, including advancing equity and inclusion. Today I’m happy to share more information on the Network and the free one-on-one coaching they offer.

Thank you to the Every Learner Everywhere team and the Expert Network for providing these much needed services, and thanks to the team for sharing about the program today.

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Many in higher education have been facing unprecedented challenges and stresses for months, and continue to experience them in the new year. From the emergency shift to online learning last spring, to hybrid course implementation, or returning to in-person learning, and the urgent need for equity-first instruction — the Every Learner Everywhere network recognized the imperative of providing support to those at the forefront of higher education.

During a time of dramatic changes, the network sought to connect faculty seeking guidance with experienced professionals. Thus, the Every Learner Everywhere Expert Network powered by ISTE framework was created and seven experts, each bringing a unique wealth of knowledge and experience, joined the network to offer free 50-minute, 1:1 coaching sessions. 

The scheduling process was built to be as seamless as possible for participants. When visiting the Expert Network landing page, scroll to find the expert you would like to meet with and click the ‘Meet with’ button. Explore the expert’s availability and schedule your session, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox shortly.

chart showing hte process of engaging an expert as part of the expert network. 1. finding an expert by browsing the team. 2. schedule a free one-on-one session. 3. Meet and learn.

Experts Elaine Villanueva Bernal, Tatiana Bryant, Kristal Moore Clemons, Tazin Daniels, Cherise McBride, Chandani Patel, and Blaine Smith bring deep knowledge in equity, inclusion, and digital learning.

Dr. Tazin Daniels shared in a recent interview, “One thing I love about being an educational developer is the exponential impact you can have. Every time I see an educator have an ‘aha’ moment, I know that may have just changed one hundred lives.”

“One thing I love about being an educational developer is the exponential impact you can have. Every time I see an educator have an ‘aha’ moment, I know that may have just changed one hundred lives.”

Dr. Tazin Daniels

The 1:1 sessions are open and available to all who work in higher education and are a great forum for ‘aha’ moments. The experts are ready to listen, with no question being too small.

“My goal is to help people understand that they’re not alone,” says Dr. Chandani Patel. “Faculty often struggle because they don’t know where to ask for help. As a coach, I’m there for them, but also there are a ton of resources that I can connect them with.”

Whether you have a specific question or are seeking broader support, we highly encourage educators to take the opportunity to connect with the incredible team of experts.

“I’m excited to consult with people from a wide range of disciplines,” says Tatiana Bryant. “I’m curious to see where there’s synchronicity among the faculty who are interested in equity and online learning.”

“My goal is to help people understand that they’re not alone…”

Dr. Chandani Patel

The team of experts specialize in a multitude of areas: anti-racism, equity, inclusion, digital learning, curriculum design, STEM education, and more. No matter how specialized or generalized the inquiry, there is an expert who can help.

To learn more and to schedule a 1:1 session with an expert, visit: everylearnereverywhere.org/expert-network. Have questions on the Expert Network? Contact Norma Hollebeke at nhollebeke@wiche.edu.

Learn more about Every Learner Everywhere by visiting: https://www.everylearnereverywhere.org/

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