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Interpreting what is Required for “Regular and Substantive Interaction”

As greater numbers of students move into online and competency-based education programs, we have seen new interest in understanding the Department of Education’s regulations. In particular, faculty and administrators seek to understand how the Department interprets rules requiring courses to include “regular and substantive interaction,” especially in distance and competency-based education. Those of us in […]

Four Recommendations for the Higher Ed Act Reauthorization

Some new federal regulations may be coming your way and we need to make our voice heard. We need your help in addressing concerns in four areas: ensuring equity for financial aid, student identity, accessibility, and state authorization of distance education. The Higher Education Act This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Higher […]

Proposed Safeguards Against Financial Aid Fraud: Some Needed, Some Go Too Far

February 26, 2014 New regulations and reporting requirements to help battle federal financial aid fraud for institutions that offer distance education are coming.  No doubt, additional protections are needed tools to combat financial aid fraud.  The distance education community needs to be part of the solution.  However, the remedies need to be tempered so that […]

Beware of Wolves in Electronic Sheep’s Clothing

The requests look innocent enough. “I’ve created a site to help students looking to enroll in {insert option: online colleges, night school, distance education, adult education, and so on and so forth}.  My goal is to help students who want to get a degree find the right {insert degree type} for them.  I came across […]