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The Military Advances on Credentialing and Quality Reviews: Pay Attention

Military personnel and veterans are eager to learn…and most of them do so using educational technologies and distance learning. Given that the United States has been involved in two wars for more than a decade, how do they defend the country and earn a degree in their spare time? Cheryl Dowd and I attended the […]

State Authorization & Supervised Field Experiences: Easier Than You Think

We welcome guest blogger Alan Contreras who is a former regulator for the state of Oregon and is the chief interpreter (not his official title) for all the details of how states and colleges are implementing SARA (the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement) in their own settings. SARA allows some field experiences (face-to-face clinical, practica, interships […]

State Authorization: Education Pauses, Defense Follows, and We Webcast It All

It has been a few weeks since Ted Mitchell, the U.S. Department of Education’s Under Secretary for Postsecondary Education, announced that there will be a “pause” in proposing new federal state authorization regulations for distance education. According to Inside Higher Ed, he said: “It’s complicated, and we want to get it right.” In this blog […]

State Authorization: Updates on SARA, the Military, and the USDOE Regulation

In the last several weeks there have been several developments regarding state authorization of distance education courses and programs.  Here is a summary of those activities. State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement The four regional higher education compacts (Midwestern Higher Education Compact, New England Board of Higher Education, Southern Regional Education Board, and the Western Interstate Commission […]

How Online Ed Helped a Veteran Meet His Goals and How He Helps Others

In honor of Memorial Day in the United States, our guest blogger is Gregory Barber who is retired from the U.S. Air Force.  While learning online at the University of Maryland University College, he has lead in helping other veterans succeed in their studies.  We thought you should hear his story…and thank members of the […]

State Authorization: Reciprocity Update, New Military Rules, and New Survey

The work on the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement is moving forward and I’m inviting you to give some feedback.  Additionally, significant new rules regarding state authorization for military personnel are on the near horizon.  For those waiting for state authorization to “go away,” they may not be too happy. Finally, we’re updating our survey on […]

Reduced Pell Grants for Distance Students? We Need Your Help.

Deep within an appropriations bill that was recently passed by the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations is a provision that could have a deep financial impact on the most cash-strapped undergraduate distance students.  The bill proposes to disallow counting the “room and board” costs and “personnel expenses” (such as a computer) as part of each […]

It’s Coming: The Next Higher Education Act Reauthorization

As you may have noted, we are still addressing federal regulatory issues that resulted from the last round of Higher Education Act reauthorization.  While we will continue to address what’s in place, it’s also time to look forward.  We invited Ken Salomon and Chris Murray of Dow Lohnes Government Strategies to give us a preview […]

Intersecting Parallel Universes – Online Learning and Military Voluntary Education

Last week the Council for College and Military Educators held their annual symposium and as an attendee and concurrent session presenter, I had the opportunity to observe the many conversations those in the military voluntary education community are having that parallel and intersect with those we’re having in the online education community.  One surprise for […]

More than One Path to Meeting the Adult Degree Completion BIG GOAL

Lumina Foundation has a BIG GOAL:  To increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees and credentials to 60 percent by the year 2025.  Over the past several years, they have supported many projects that are of sufficient scale to reach this goal. This week I have been attending a meeting of WICHE’s Adult College […]