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Looking Back, Looking Forward

It seems like all the cool kids are writing about last year’s trends and predicting what will come to pass in 2018. Well, we WCETers don’t want to be left out of the fun! Over the last few weeks I’ve discussed 2017 and 2018 with some of the movers and shakers in the higher ed, […]

Stepping-up Now: Researching Social Media

In an era when undergraduate students emerge digitally engaged, the progressive graduate educator is one who is open to adapt and adjust the delivery of their teaching, assignments, and interactions to incorporate innovative technology. Faculty face both implicit and explicit expectations in order to engage and enhance the learning process for today’s student. Embracing this […]

Choosing the Right Mobile Device to Fit Your Needs

Today WCET Frontiers welcomes Dr. Robbie Melton, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, with the Tennessee Board of Regents, eLearning Initiative, as a guest blogger.  In the following post she shares with us the research she conducted on the top educational mobile devices.  The following is not an endorsement but rather information to help you, our […]

Four Ways to Prepare Your IT Infrastructure for a Mobile Learning Revolution

In the last of our three blog posts on Walters State (TN) Community College’s ambitious initiative to implement mobile learning campus-wide, we learn about the IT needs required to support multiple devices for every faculty, staff, and student. If they can do it…how about you? Russ Poulin                                                            In our previous posts, our Vice President of […]

Training for Mobile Learning: Moving from the Basics to Redefining Learning

This is the second in a series of blog posts from our friends at Walters State Community College in Tennessee.  The first post covered how they organized campus-wide implementation of their mobile learning initiative.  This post focuses on steps in training faculty and staff– from basic tasks to  redefining the student learning experience. Russ Poulin […]

Successfully Implementing Mobile Learning Across an Entire Campus

We better be paying attention to mobile learning.  A short while ago, I asked Robbie Melton, the Tennessee Board of Regents’ (and WCET’s) “Appologist” about examples in her state of successful implementation of mobile learning on campus.  She introduced me to our friends at Walters State Community College who agreed to write a series of […]

A Look at the Top Tools for Learning from WCET Closing Presenter, Jane Hart

Today’s guest blog is from Jane Hart who is a world renowned edtech expert, the founder of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies (C4LPT), and compiler of Top 100 Tools for Learning lists. WCET is fortunate to have Jane Hart with us at the WCET Annual Meeting in Denver on Friday, November 15th. For […]

E-learning Predictions for 2013: Will Institutions Be Turned Upside Down?

A few weeks ago we asked you to: “Predict something that will happen this year regarding teaching, learning, technology, business of e-learning, policy, regulations, student behavior, or other related items.”  Some people see big changes for higher education.  Will higher ed be changed significantly? Will 2013 see some issue that captures the media hype that […]

Mobilizing Higher Education

Today WCET Frontiers welcomes Dr. Robbie Melton, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, with the Tennessee Board of Regents, eLearning Initiative, as a guest blogger. Mobilization (the use of mobile devices and apps) continues to change the way we communicate, conduct business, and entertain us. Higher education is not exempted from this impact. In fact, mobilization […]

Predictions and Hopes for Elearning in 2011

I thought it might be fun and informative to pose a challenge to several people whose opinions I respect.  I asked them to send me: “A prediction – something that you think will happen in 2011.  You can be as bold or safe as you want.  These can be about teaching, learning, technology, business of […]