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New Survey Tracks Online and Distance Education in Canada

Congratulations to our Canadian friends on releasing the results of their first survey of online learning activities throughout their country. Released on Tuesday of this week at the ICDE World Conference on Online Learning, the report (“Tracking Online and Distance Education in Canadian Universities and Colleges”) is a great advance in understanding the enrollments, modes […]

Emergence of the Linked Services Sector in American Higher Ed & Lifelong Learning

By now, it borders on trite to declare that American higher education, and, in fact, global higher education stands on the precipice of dynamic, revolutionary, and disruptive change. But the cards that I see being dealt as we enter 2016 indicate that the fracturing of higher education’s dominant model will not only continue, but accelerate. […]

Predictions from 2013: MOOCs and Competency-based Education Top Pick

January 7, 2014 In January of last year we asked you to: “Predict something that will happen this year regarding teaching, learning, technology, business of e-learning, policy, regulations, student behavior, or other related items.” Given that broad request, it is not surprising that we received prognostications that were all over the map. Some were quite […]

Happy New Year from WCET – Top Blog Posts from 2013

December 31, 2013 WCET ends the year by looking back at the most popular blog posts from 2013 and in wishing you a very happy new year.  Our offerings that received the most views include… Is Your Distance Education Course Actually a Correspondence Course? Oddly enough, the most popular post was written in April 2012.  […]

Research on “What Makes a Great MOOC”

December 18, 2013 Thank you to Colt Alton of Ednak for conducting this interview with Panagiotis Adamopoulos on his research regarding “What Makes a Great MOOC.”  Adamopoulos is a PhD Candidate of Information Systems at New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He has graduated with honors from the Department of Management Science […]

WCET Video Interview: Anne Derryberry

Over the past two years, we at WCET have had the pleasure of working with Anne Derryberry on several game and badge related initiatives. In late summer 2012 we commenced WCET’s Who’s Got Class? which was designed and game-mastered by Anne.  This multi-player learning game was designed to give WCET members and friends a fun, light-hearted […]

The Audacity of MOOCS

After last week’s blog posting from David Cillay, Richard Katz (former WCET Executive Council member) and I had a great discussion via email.  I invited Richard to provide his viewpoint.  Richard served 14 years as vice president of EDUCAUSE and was the founding director of the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR). Through Richard N. […]

It’s Time to Redirect the Conversation about MOOCs

So many exciting things are happening in higher education these days, it could make a guy’s hair fall out (see my photo at the bottom of this post). Most of the headlines have been about “massive” education and the stories may have left some people confused, or even a little worried. Let’s look past the […]

Badges: New Currency for Professional Credentials

Today we welcome guest blogger, Dr. Deborah Everhart, Director of Integration Strategy at Blackboard, our partner in the upcoming MOOC, Badges: New Currency for Professional Credentials which starts Sept. 9th.  Deborah shares with us the tipping point for badges and how you can be a part of the solution for helping support new systems of […]

Confessions of a MOOC Reviewer

In our on-going series of blog posts on MOOCs, Elizabeth Allan shares her experiences as a reviewer of the “credit-worthiness” of a science MOOC.  Previously, Patricia Book gave us her insight into the overall ACE review process.  In this post, Elizabeth gives us the point-of-view of a faculty member who conducted the review.  WCET thanks […]